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Cleaning Equipment and Products
As a leader in the cleaning industry, UCC has continued to develop and produce high-end cleaning equipment. Our company’s standard modular operations cleaning machine greatly increase our production efficiency and reduce equipment failure rates.

Recycling of Waste Barrel Business
UCC provides free recycling of waste barrels business for companies based on their management to solve the problem of waste container storage. While increasing the space in business, it also reduces the cost of recycling waste barrels by third parties. Furthermore, it reduces operating costs, resolves corporate dilemmas and optimizes companies’ profits.

The rational use of UCC for recycling waste barrels has also reduced the environmental pollution caused by company’s improper use. It also realizes the harmonious coexistence of companies and natural ecology at the same time.

Environmental Protection of Wastewater Treatment Equipment
UCC focuses on the business ecology and natural environmental protection. In response to the company’s sewage treatment, the wastewater treatment program has been initiated. The introduction of international standards for wastewater treatment equipment enables companies to deal with waste and create strategic prospects for sustainable development. The equipment adopts a recycling mechanism to recycle the treated wastewater. While reducing costs, it also minimizes the cost of the third scheme to deal with waste which will allow the company to gain more profit.